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How To Choose The Best Table Linen For Restaurant?

orange stripe printed cloth napkins

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For restaurants, tablecloths and napkins are the most important decorative items. High-quality table linen can bring an excellent experience to customers. Choosing suitable tablecloths and napkins can improve and enhance the restaurant’s performance.

Napkin material classification

1, Cotton table linen

Cotton is one of the most popular table linen materials. It is one of the natural fibres. It feels more comfortable and has good absorbency. But dirty cotton napkins are more challenging to clean, washing time had to use a higher temperature and more detergent to wash. Such washing tends to change the cotton napkin’s colour and shorten the service life. The regular service life is about 80 times. Cotton napkins need to be ironed flat after frequent washing and drying.

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2, Polyester napkin and tablecloth

Polyester is the most commonly used synthetic material with good strength and wear-resistant characteristics. Beritle spun polyester napkins can do and cotton napkins similar appearance and feel. It is less expensive than cotton, and have high color fastness. In addition, the washing life is much stronger than cotton, about 200 times or more. Solution dyed cloth napkins can even be washed more than 500 times without fade
The most significant difference between it and cotton napkins is that they do not deform after many high-temperature washes, do not shrink in size, and can be made without ironing with proper drying. In addition, dirty polyester table cloth are easier to wash and clean, and they only need shorter time to dry after washing.

3, Vinyl and plastic tablecloth

Vinyl and plastic tablecloths are generally used in informal dining rooms. This is because it can be wiped clean after use, so you don’t have to replace it whenever a new customer comes. But it doesn’t look very aesthetically pleasing. So it is more suitable for use when holding events outdoors.

Color of the table linen

clolrful round table cloth

The colour of the table cloth and napkins should be chosen according to the style and design of the restaurant. According to the feedback from our customers, white, black and beige are currently the colours that people use the most. However, appropriate with other colours may play an unexpected effect.
The best way to purchase a small number of samples in the restaurant is to see the actual effect. Then wholesale bulk table linen. This will not waste your money.

Maintenance of table linen

Ease of maintenance and longevity should be two important factors you need to consider when purchasing table linen. Whether you wash the napkins yourself or outsource them to laundry, you need to determine clearly from the supplier how the table linen will be cleaned.

This will enable us to use the table linen we purchase for longer. However, improper washing methods may also cause problems such as discolouration and table linen deformation, affecting the restaurant’s image.

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Johnson Li

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