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Love Your Linens Part 5: Myth Busting


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As our final look at how you can show a little more love to extend the life of your linens, we’re separating the fact from fiction by delving into five common linen care myths and busting them wide open!

Myth 1: All bed linen can be processed in the same way.


Different constructions require very different handling to achieve the optimum results. Higher thread count bed linens perform better on the ironer when damp, and (just as importantly) the tamping pressure on the press needs to be set at a lower bar pressure. Standard construction allows for water to pass through at much higher pressure more quickly, and in one press, whereas higher thread counts require a staged process.

Myth 2: Bigger machines are always best


While larger continuous batch washers (CBW) can indeed get through a ton of work at an impressive pace, washer extractors do still have their place. The age old mechanical action generated by smaller washer/ extractors creates more agitation and are therefore arguably better for stain release performance.

Myth 3: The most important measure is Pieces Per Operating Hour (PPOH)


While it may be tempting to turn around as much linen as possible to chase revenue, work your resource too hard and the cracks will start to show. Whether it’s a reduction in quality, rise in customers complaints or fall in staff morale, speedy processing will always have its cost. It’s better to slow down a little and have to calendar less for higher satisfaction all round.

Myth 4: It’s always better to underload your dryers


Both overloading and underloading your tumble dryers each have their own costs. Too full and the linen doesn’t have enough room to move freely or for the air to circulate, too empty and you’ll be wasting precious energy.  Always load your linen efficiently to achieve optimum results.

Johnson Li

Johnson Li

Bachelor's degree in Textile Engineering. More than 10 years of experience in fabric dyeing technology in printing and dyeing factories.

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