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Elastic Table Cover, Elastic Chair Cover

Additional information





Color Fastness

≥ 4


≤ 5%


Customizable, Black, Ivory, White


Four-way Stretch Fabric, Customizable

Product Details

The common color of elastic table cover and elastic chair cover bulk is white and black. You can choose variety of colors of elastic fabric. We can customize elastic table cover and elastic chair cover according to your needs. If you need elastic table cover wholesale or elastic chair cover wholesale, please contact us now.

We are a Chinese elastic table cover and elastic chair cover manufacturer. It mainly produces textiles that can be used for laundry rental. The textiles produced can withstand many times industrial washing. The shrinkage after washing is also very small, not like ordinary textiles that are also easily deformed after washing. We have twenty years of experience in the production of textiles for rental.

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