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Hotel Rental Use:The Gap between Ordinary Woven and Warp-Knitted Cotton Bath


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In hotel rental use, there are some differences between ordinary woven cotton bath towels and warp-knitted cotton bath towels:

Structure and texture:

Ordinary woven cotton bath towels are made by interweaving warp and weft yarns, with a relatively soft texture and good water absorption; warp-knitted cotton bath towels are made through warp knitting technology, with a relatively tighter structure and a smoother surface.


Warp-knitted cotton bath towels are usually more wear-resistant and washable, and have a relatively longer service life; ordinary woven cotton bath towels may show phenomena such as deformation and pilling after long-term use. Warp-knitted towels do not snag or fray, and can better maintain a good appearance, which is very suitable for rental use.

Bulkiness and softness:

Ordinary woven cotton bath towels generally have better bulkiness and softness; the bulkiness of warp-knitted cotton bath towels may be slightly inferior, but the overall texture is also good.
Water absorption: Both have relatively good water absorption.

Overall, warp-knitted cotton bath towels are more suitable for rental use. Its durability is strong, and it can withstand frequent washing and use without being easily damaged. The characteristics of not snagging and not fraying make it able to maintain a good state throughout the rental use process, reducing the frequency of replacement and maintenance and lowering the operating cost.

At the same time, its flat appearance is also conducive to maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of the hotel environment. Although ordinary woven cotton bath towels have certain advantages in some aspects, for rental use, the advantages of warp-knitted cotton bath towels are more obvious.

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